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Paws 2 The Park

Welling Kent

Paws 2 The Park‚Äč

Dog Walking & Pet Services

 07985 200141

Paws 2 The Park Pet Taxi

Pet 2 Vet

We know how hard and stressful it can be to take your pet to the vet; worry about travelling with your sick animal, taking time off work, having to take your children with you or find child care or having use a minicab who often charge extra and do not facilitate for animals. We are happy collect and drop your pet to the vet and/or return them home to you when they are ready.

Pet Delivery

We can deliver your pet to its destination whether it be off it its hols to the boarding kennels, to the groomers for a shampoo and trim, off to see family or delivery to its new owners.

we can ensure they get there safely and are in the best possible hands by a driver that loves animals, has experience, who is fully insured to taxi pets and has pet first aid training.


Upon request

Please Note:Pet taxis need to be booked in advance where possible to ensure we can accommodate your booking and provide the best possible service.

We are fully insured to taxi your pet to your required destination