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Paws 2 The Park

Welling Kent

Paws 2 The Park

Dog Walking & Pet Services

 07985 200141

We can look after your pets whether you are at work, off on holiday, away on business or have a hospital visited planned. We can care for dogs, cats, birds and any other pets. All sitting services can be catered to suit yours or your pets specific needs, please contact us if you want to make any special requests and we will aim to accommodate you as best we can.

Dog/Puppy Day Care

we appreciate how hard it is when you first get a dog or puppy, helping it to settle in without feeling guilty about leaving it for long periods. we can help by calling around at regular intervals to socialise with your dog/puppy. clear up any mess, feed & play with it and in due course help out with training. please note puppies should not be walked for long periods when they are developing as it can damage their growing bones. Food, training pads and cleaning materials must be supplied by the owner. We can also look after your dog/puppy at our home all day whilst you are unable to, this would include 2 walks+ and dry foods.

Price:Per Visit at your home-£10.00 per dog or puppy 

(Litters £4.00 per puppy)

      Day Care-£25 per day (up to 12 hours from 6am)

Dog Boarding

We can care for your dog in our home whilst you are away from yours. We will feed, walk cuddle, love and play with your dog and ensure they have a full and active enjoyable stay whilst you are away.

Doggy Day Care Prices

Day Care -£25 (per day-up to 12 hours from 6am) this includes dry food,

2 walks+, and lots of love and attention!

5 Days Day Care-£115

Doggy Hotel Prices-Please contact us to check availability!

£20 per night(check in no earlier than 6pm, check out by 

9am or contact us with your requirements)

All times for dropping off and collection must be agreed at time of booking.

Please Note:

We only care for one owners dog/s at one time, we do not use kennels, your dog will be part of our family. You will receive a free consultation to discuss suitability for this service and if we are both satisfied we will look forward to welcoming your dog.

We have a regular clientele for the holiday season so early booking for this service is advised but if it is a last minute request and we cannot accommodate we are happy to try and find you another suitable sitter.

Cat/Kitten day Care

We can visit your Cat/s or Kitten/s, clear up any mess, clean the litter tray and assist with litter training, feed your kitten/s and give them a cuddle and play with them. Food, litter and cleaning materials must be supplied by the owner.

Price: £8 per kitten or cat (Litters £3 Per Kitten)

Per Visit

Small animal sitting( Hamsters, Gerbils, Rabbits, chinchillas Fish and birds etc)

We can care for your pet either by visiting your home or in our own home, including cleaning their abode, feeding and handling. Food, bedding and cleaning material must be supplied by the pet owner.

Price: £5 at my own home per day or £8 at your home (Per Day)


Chicken sitting

We own chickens ourselves and we know how hard it is to find someone knowledgeable who will look after your chickens needs whilst you are unable to. We will let your chickens out in the morning and lock them up safely in the evening if required. Feed and clean their coop giving them regular visits as we know they love lots of attention. And remove and save your eggs! 


£6 Plus £1 per Chicken (per day)

All food, bedding and cleaning materials must be supplied by the owner.